Tuesday, 18 September 2012

FEPS vacancy: economist

Nat O'Connor: FEPS (the Foundation for European Progressive Studies) is advertising the important post of Economic Policy Advisor. More details here: http://www.feps-europe.eu/en/vacancies.

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Brian Woods Snr. said...

"Must hold a Ph.D or similar research background in applied economics.

Why? What's so good about a PhD? They're ignorant experts. Get a well-read scholar.

"Should possess a theoretical knowledge and experience based on Keynesian economic approaches."

Jesus wept Nat. Keynes is about as useful to the current economic mess as second-hand spagetti is for scaffolding.

"Should be familiar with the works of current renowned progressive economists."

Like who? The very last thing that is needed is a 'progressive economist'. What we need is someone who is capable of understanding simple arithmethic and exponential functions and the lousy consequences of these.

I would be an ideal candidate. Been studying econ for 7 years! I would not even need to be paid a salary (just a few of those allowances would do nicely, you understand!).

Pity that being a scientist (who does understand physical limits and exponentials) rules me out.

ps: Why so little interest in this site? What is the objective of posting to oneselves? Very curious? Get rid of those useless security passwords. Get some un-progressive contributors who can tear the current econ theories to shreds.