Friday, 21 September 2012

Local Government Fostering Job Creation

Nat O'Connor: The County and City Managers Association (CCMA), the umbrella group of the local authority head managers, has published a study showing 2,323 projects and initiatives where local authorities have helped boost job creation.

The press release and 30-page full report can be accessed on There is also a spreadsheet list of the various initiatives.

Many of the initiatives are small scale (less than €10,000) although some major investments (€1m+) are included too.

It is an interesting exercise in both openness about spending plus showing where efforts are being made to foster employment. It would be worth detailed analysis at local level to see what initiatives are working well (or not), which ones are cost efficient and what different counties can learn from one another. Obviously, local authorities have been asked to play a role in the national Action Plan for Jobs. This report gives some indication of what might kinds of actions might be possible in that space.


Brian Woods Snr. said...


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Anonymous said...

Well better a few perceptive, insightful comments than the gallons of dross that pollute the internet!

Regarding this post, I think the phrase "job creation" should be replaced by "job provision"; this gets closer to the reality that work is a right, and employers have an obligation to employ people.

Brian Woods Snr. said...

Well hello Anonymous!

Your very welcome. I was beginning to feel like Robinson Crusoe. Mind if I call you Monday?

" ... ... this gets closer to the reality that work is a right, and employers have an obligation to employ people."

Really? I would be grateful if you could please amplify this statement. It seems a tad 'far-fetched'.

The only Right we humans have is our Right-to-Life. All the rest are concessions. Thought this was obvious.