Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Keeping that inflation monster in check

Over on Social Europe Journal, Andrew Watt has a link to a priceless educational video produced by the ECB on the dangers of inflation. As Andrew explains, "Apparently produced about a year ago, the animated video explains (to children?, adults?, heads of state and government?) just how important it is to keep money tight so as to prevent inflation. Otherwise the dreaded ‘inflation monster’ – yes, seriously – might return. Thankfully the kind-but-tough ECB official has tamed the monster and keeps it in a jar on his desk."Click here to watch the video, and here for the rest of Andrew Watt's take on it.

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Paul Hunt said...

Who decided what the mandate of the ESCB (and the ESCB) should be? And who decided to enshrine this in primary EU legislation and to transpose it in to the national legislation of all Euro Area Member States?