Friday, 3 February 2012

Oireachtas Committee on European Affairs

The Oireachtas Committee on European Affairs met yesterday to hear briefings on the International Agreement on a Reinforced Economic Union. TASC's Tom McDonnell was one of those invited to address the Committee, along with Dr Alan Ahearne, Professor Karl Whelan and Professor John McHale. Tom's presentation is available here, and there is also a thread on the hearing over on Irish Economy. Comments?


Tomboktu said...

I had heard the hearing flagged on Morning Ireland, and was irritated with how the described it. They reported that three economists would be giving evidence - the progressive didn't count for them. grrrr

Anonymous said...

Hi tombuktu,

It was originally scheduled as three economists and David Byrne (former attorney general). John subsequently replaced David.

Tomboktu said...

My "grrr" is not at the choice of people giving evidence, whatever changes occurred there, but at the fact that from RTÉ's announcement of it on Morning Ireland you would not think there was an alternative view in the discussion.