Friday, 9 December 2011

A Hayek-Keynes rap video

Paul Sweeney: Many have heard of the key debate in 20th Century Economics which was between the ideas of Keynes and Hayek. Progressives support the former, while the latter is the icon of neo-liberals.

For those who want, or rather need, a lighter note on economics - after the depression caused by the Budget and by the incapacity of the EU leadership in framing a solution - here is some diversion.

It does not appear partisan, though I have heard that the author is more neo-liberal than neo-classical. John Papola, the key producer, is a fan of Hayek and his associates appear to be linked with the right in the US. I give them credit for innovation in communication!

This seven minute rap music interpretation of economics is both entertaining and somewhat informative. But as the catholic priests used to say, "there's religion in maths" when justifying Catholic control of schools. So too with the selection of interviewees by some RTE producers and Independent media in putting across the conservative line as "independent".


Dan said...


Don't forget round two of the video series -

The writers are involved in the Cafe Hayek blog which shows where they stand in the debate but the videos are enjoyable nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

excepting such a debate didnt happen. Hayek didnt actually influence economics did he.

he influenced political types who got into power stateside in the 80s and 90s and who then inflated him to being a debater with Keynes.

Krugman commented on this a few eeeks back