Thursday, 19 May 2011

TASC launches discussion paper on debt and banking crisis

TASC today launched a discussion paper by TASC policy analyst (and PE blogger) Tom McDonnell, The Debt and Banking Crisis: Progressive Approaches for Europe and Ireland. You can download the document here. Comments?


Michael Burke said...

This is a very valuable contribution. The debt is simply unsupportable, not just morally but as a matter of arithmetic.

The call to repudiate the bank debt is surely the right one- beginning with the promissory notes on Anglo. Otherwise Irish taxpayers will be paying at leaat €43bn til 2025 for a bank that has already failed and is being wound up.

SlĂ­ Eile said...

WEll done for TASC publishing this at this time. As events move quickly and the supply of hard information on who owes what to who is scarce to come by it is very important and urgent that progressives clarify a number of baseline points for agreement and for taking policy forward. This paper deals very usefully with the European level as well as the national.