Thursday, 14 April 2011


Michael Taft: "Just as we managed to tame inflation in the 1980s, this decade should be the one that takes full employment seriously once again . . . (to combat growing inequality we need) strong social safety nets, combined with progressive taxation, investment in health and education, and collective bargaining rights, especially in an environment of stagnating real wages . . .employment and equity are the building blocks of stability and prosperity."

Yes, you guessed it - it's from the IMF.

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Paul Hunt said...

DSK isn't talking to or for the IMF anymore; he's speaking directly to the voters of France. Despite a likely continuation of the travesty that a European will replace him - irrespective of merit, the key question is: who from Europe will replace him? - and what chance is there that these fine sentiments will be translated into action by the IMF?