Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The new Irish Famine?

“The Irish famine killed more than a million people, but it killed poor devils only. To the wealth of the country, it did not the slightest damage.” So wrote Karl Marx back in 1867. As 21st century Ireland peers out over the debt drop, beneath which lie the open jaws of an EU/IMF “bailout”, I’d like to make some outrageous parallels between then and now.
You can read the rest of Gerry Feehily's post on the presseurop site here. (Hat-tip to An Saoi for the link)

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Slí Eile said...

What is interesting about the news as it unfolds this evening is the very different media responses to the crisis as between the Irish media and elsewhere. Rightly or wrongly the Irish media (aertel, Irish Times, RTE) are playing down the situation to some degree while BBC, FT, WSJ and other outlets are talking it up. whatever emerges it is a historic moment. it is a moment of truth for a failed political and economic paradigm. however all is not lost and a way most be found to navigate forward. fear, fatalism and TINA plays into the deflationary juggernaut.