Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cometh the moment of truth

Slí Eile: Some international organs of the media are showing a particular interest in Ireland which extends to the voices crowded out in the national media. See here. And the New York Times is saying: 'That might force Ireland to raise its ultra-low corporation tax rate, a magnet for foreign investment, to help cut its debt. The tax has long been seen as a form of unfair competition by higher-taxed countries.'

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Anonymous said...

So bye, bye thousands of jobs in the only functioning sector of our economy.

Remember France and Germany are not so much worried about the lost tax revenues, as they resent those extremely high quality jobs in Google and Amazon going to us instead of them. What they really want is to put us back in our place, fighting tooth and nail for a sweat-shop position at a Fruit of the Loom plant in the backend of Donegal, all the while tugging our forelock to our European betters that they even allowed us to emerge at all from the subsistence economy we had in the 1950s. While all the nice high-tech jobs flow in their "advanced" economies. Natural order restored.

Of course there's a large native constituency in this country also, some not too far from this parish, who will be secretly glad to see the upstarts put back in their place. The old insider hegemony will be restored, and those with the cheek to think that they could be build a new economy will be scattered to the winds. Serves them right for having notions.