Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thinking of emigrating? Where there is growth and, maybe, jobs?

Paul Sweeney: This map of the world comes courtesy of the IMF.

Hover over any country and it will give the IMF’s projection for economic growth in 2011. For example, for Ireland it is 2.5% and say for Vietnam at 7.5%. Click on a country for more information.

I have added Ireland under dataset (on the right) and it comes up with the three main groups (advanced emerging etc) showing the biggest collapse in GDP on the graph to 2015 ...

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paul sweeney said...

I see Ireland did not come up on the graph. You have to do it yourself. Hit the "Add Country, region or group" at + scroll down and add Ireland. You will see that we did very well (during the bubble) and now we are one of the worst performers! I just heard that Lenihan admits he might consider closing Anglo Irish bank. If so then maybe our collapse will only be as bad as this graph shows. 2.5% growth next year? I wish!