Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Banks: elsewhere on the web ....

Over at Ireland after Nama, Declan Curran asks some pertinent questions. On Irish Economy, Karl Whelan takes a look at The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Meanwhile, Ronan Lyons points out that the first tranche of loans may not be representative, and that subsequent tranches may show significantly larger discounts.

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David O'Donnell said...

The defining feature of the ExecutiveGov-Citizen relation in the past 18 months has been ‘Obfuscation’ & ‘Deflection’ - in terms of ’spin’, misinformation, secrecy, hidden data and information, fear-mongering by Ministers, and so on ……. aided and abetted by well connected upper-echelon leaders who got us into this mess in first place and 95% still in situ, and perhaps most surprisingly - by a generally fawning 4th estate - RTE & Indo Group in particular - 95% of whom appear to be incapable of substantively challenging the spin:

The foundation of this ExecutiveGov strategy appears to be a recognition that the best way to keep a supine citizenry (and backbench Gov TDs) supine is to keep them ignorant as long as possible and to dismiss the [lets be realistic] ‘tiny’ informed opposition with loud fear-mongering mantras … and spins to deflect attention onto the international crisis, when the roots of the Irish crisis are 95% home-grown.

After 18 months of so called deliberation, what do they do? They surrender unconditionally to an abstract ideological equation and put up the children and grandchildren of the nation as collateral. They socialized cowboy debt, for which they bear a significant responsibility, 100% on the backs of Irish citizens - present and future. Craven Capitulation to the Cowboys, Contempt for the Citizenry, total reversal of the logic of republicanism which places the interests of the citizenry before that of dominant cliques who ‘fumble in the greasy till’, and our international reputation as ‘thinking people’ who can ’stand up for ourselves’ in tatters - shredded.