Thursday, 25 February 2010

Retail workers - near the bottom of the HEAP

Last year, TASC and ICTU published the HEAP Report on income inequality in Ireland. Now, Mandate has published a report - Milking the Recession - showing just how little retail workers earn, and showing how some employers are 'milking the recession' to further depress retail workers' pay and conditions. Click here to read Eoin O'Broin's take on the report.


Joseph said...

.....and you're surprised that employers are milking this recession? I can't say it came as any great shock to me. And let's not forget that the government are employers too.

Proposition Joe said...


By definition, "milking this recession" involves profitable and solvent enterprises opportunistically cutting the T&Cs of their employees when there's no pressing need to do so in order to stay afloat.

Do you think the Irish government fits that description? Is it running a surplus or a massive deficit? Does its balance sheet look healthy or is it awash with unfunded liabilities? Is it even by any definition solvent?