Saturday, 6 February 2010

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Anonymous said...

I respect the moderator's observations. I would point out the following though. An inevitable consequence of being an utterly discredited government that clings to office with the (half hearted) support of less than 30% of the electorate is that the other 70% of the population are deeply angry. Expressions of this anger may seem uncivil but they reflect the honest opinion of the vast majority of the electorate.

Just look at what people say about them on It's MUCH worse.

Anonymous said...

Reviewing the original thread about the Finance Bill where the governance of the ESRI is discussed I came across the following extraordinary statement.

"This thread is now closed."

Is the governance of the ESRI, like the industrial schools were for so long, a topic that the whole establishment do not want to talk about? I have been completely unable to discuss it on too. However, as they have so many contributors who are staff of the ESRI it is more excusable.

What is the rationale of the moderators here for preventing even a MODERATED discussion?
Has you received an implicit or explicit legal warning?
If so, can anyone stop discussion with a legal warning? Please publish it so we can see it. This secretive official behaviour has brutally ruined tens of thousands of lives - taking many of them - and is forcing the emigration of tens of thousands more right now.

You reference blogs like so you must understand what secrecy has done to this country.

Why on earth are you censoring MODERATED discussion?

progressive-economy@tasc said...

@Anonymous - PE does not discount the importance of governance as many posts on this blog attest. However, this thread pertained to the Finance Bill. In addition (and we're not suggesting you), we received a number of comments that went well beyond governance and impugn the motives of individuals/ This is not appropriate to an issue-based debate. While PE will continue to debate the issue of governance, and the publications and recommendations of all bodies contrbuting to the national economic debate, it was decided to close this thread given the content of some of the contributions and, so, move on.

Nat O`Connor said...

We're going to be working on the Finance Bill and a few other things over the next few weeks, but we will be discussing open government and the issues of governance in at least two publications planned for early this year. So we will at that point have more time to discuss the issues raised in some more depth.

oliver1vandt said...

First we had the freezing out of my thread on the governance of the ESRI by TASC - the left wing of the establishment.

Yesterday we had the freezing out of dissident theologian George Lee - by the FG wing of the establishment.

Then of course we have our government's cover up of the collapse of the banks and bailout of bank investors and developers, in which the entire opposition have colluded.

Isn't it now clear that denial, secrecy, cover up and collusion are endemic in the Irish establishment? Why are the moderators of the TASC forum propping up a corrupt system?