Monday, 15 February 2010

Competitiveness myths ...

"There is a real danger that, encouraged by the economists’ chorus on the need to cut costs as the way to get us out of our current economic troubles, the government will actually undermine Ireland’s long-term competitive position through cutbacks in research and education (in fact, such cutbacks are already being imposed). We desperately need to substitute serious evidence-based analysis for the rote incantation of inherited mantras which currently passes for expert economic advice in the realm of competitiveness policy in this country".

That is the conclusion reached by Proinnsias Breathnach; you can read his full post on Ireland after NAMA here.


Oliver Vandt said...

The Tanaiste, who is responsible for the smart economy, recently gave a wide ranging interview to the BBC. You can find it on

Anonymous said...

The tanaiste discusses the return of emigration - including of 3rd and 4th level qualified - from
5'50 on in the third of the clips.