Monday, 1 February 2010

Banking Inquiry: Guest post by Arthur Morgan TD

Arthur Morgan: Sinn Féin believes that such is the scale of the banking crisis that nothing short of full public scrutiny is acceptable. The Government’s proposed approach should be rejected in favour of an inquiry conducted by a Joint Oireachtas Committee. Sinn Féin supports the Bill to amend the legislation required to make this kind of Oireachtas inquiry possible.

The inquiry needs to examine and expose in full how the banking sector played a central role in bringing the Irish economy to its knees. It must call to account Government Ministers, top bankers and the so-called regulators who, instead of doing their duty, maintained a cosy relationship with the banks and allowed bad management and fraud to cause this crisis.
Arthur Morgan TD is Sinn Fein Spokesperson on Finance.

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Rory O'Farrell said...

Does Sinn Féin have any concrete proposals for how to regulate finance in the future? I believe it was the system that failed rather than merely regulators not doing their duty.

If Sinn Féin put forward some concrete proposals for reforming the financial sector, perhaps using Obama's proposals as a template, they could gain some economic credibility for the next election.