Friday, 16 October 2009

Towards a Progressive Economics: papers and podcasts

We are slowly uploading the papers presented to the TASC Autumn Conference, Towards a Progressive Economics, starting with Paula Clancy's opening remarks, and Dr. John Barry's presentation on 'Greening the Economy and Greening Economics'.  Click here for an abstract of Professor Terrence McDonough's presentation, and here to read the presentation by Dr. Mary Murphy to the panel on 'Deflation vs. economic development'. Michael Taft's presentation to the same panel is also now available for download. Pauline Conroy's presentation to the panel on banking is available here.

In addition to the conference videos, you can click here for a podcast of John Barry's presentation to the morning session, and here for a podcast of Fintan O'Toole's paper (thanks to Donagh of ILR for these).

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SlĂ­ Eile said...

An important conclusion to be taken from the TASC one-day conference last weekend is that a lot of work remains to be done on translating good ideas and proposals into a programme of change backed by organised efforts from community groups to trade unions to political parties. One speaker commented that fear has taken over anger and action leading - by implication - to some level of paralysis and passivity in the face of the onslaught.
Good analysis, patient explanation, debate and determined efforts at all levels is called for. Everyone who cares has a part to play.