Friday, 21 August 2009

A wages reality check

Do Irish workers really enjoy the fourth-highest wages in the world? It seems the headline writers didn't really read the 2009 UBS Prices and Earnings Report. Michael Taft has taken a look at the figures over on Notes on the Front.

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Anonymous said...

“The most successful ideological effects are those which have no need of words, and ask no more than a complicitous silence.” Pierre Bourdieu (French sociologist)

Michael Taft is to be praised for his persistent efforts to challenge that "complicitous silence”. Gillian Tett has an excellent article in the Financial Times today on the "complicitous silence” with regard to the financial system.
This silence "essentially left bankers free to operate with minimal external scrutiny. It also meant there was little discussion about the inconsistencies that plagued the free-market rhetoric – or intellectual map – that ruled the day. And these paradoxes were numerous."

She concludes that " if regulators and politicians are to have any hope of building a more effective financial system in future, it is crucial that they start thinking more about power structures, vested interests and social silence."

I'll second that analysis and approach to change.

Aidan C