Thursday, 2 July 2009

ICTU clarifies on employment support

Slí Eile: Following Sarah Carey's article yesterday on jobs subsidies, David Begg has provided a very important clarification in today's Irish Times
More details on the ICTU Job Creation and Protection Plan can be read here


Proposition Joe said...

I'm confused. Is Begg for it or agin' it?

Or is he just for subsidies that work as intended and agin' those that don't?

karl deeter said...

I don't think union leaders have the 'national interest' at heart, they have their 'members interest', I'm amazed at how they hijack jobless figures with one hand then use them as leverage with the other in trying to negotiate wage deals on the other.

has the increase in people on welfare been specifically from the ranks of people in unions? It would be fair to say 'no',

on one hand they denounce the current 'deflationary solution' but talk about reduced hours where jobs are basically shared out on another. that would mean the person doing less hours gets paid less.... that too is deflationary because the aggregate level of income doesn't rise and is spread among more.