Friday, 12 June 2009

Real people real recession

If you didn't see it don't miss RTE TV programme Prime Time investigative programme on how the Great Recession is impacting on real people. Available on RTE site only until Sunday 14 June. Should be seen by all salaried employees, employers, public servants, stock brokers, economists etc


Anonymous said...

hmmm, so these are real people. Who are the unreal?

Jaedi said...

When was it broadcast? There's no mention of it under the standard Prime Time listings:

Unfortunately, I can't use the RTÉ Player from outside Ireland.

Slí Eile said...

By real people I did not mean to say that others were less real! The point is that recession affects real people and there are many really hard and difficult stories emerging all round us. Some of us living in bubbles of protected salaries, employment and privilege know little of the hardship that this crisis is exacting on people on low income, vulnerable unemployment compounded by low skills and access to further training.
Regarding the clip on RTE - it was broadcast on 25 May (presented by Barry O'Kelly) and expires Monday 15th June. Unfortunately, iplayer is not available outside this State for RTE programmes. And BBC programmes (e.g.) cannot be accessed by i-player from here.