Thursday, 26 March 2009

Two party policies, one consulting report and some new data releases ...

Two interesting publications launched today: Fine Gael's Rebuilding Ireland economic policy document (with, it seems, a privatisation sting in the tail) and the FTI Consulting report on the Irish economy. The press release accompanying the FTI report states that "Further increases in government spending to stimulate the economy are impractical or unavailable due to the deterioration in the public finances, rising borrowing costs, and a perceived risk of default" - a stance which Sli Eile has argued against here. It's the season for economic policy documents: earlier this week, Sinn Fein launched its Job Retention and Creation Strategy - you can read an analysis over at Notes on the Front.

Today also saw the release by the CSO of new data on the fourth quarter of 2008, and preliminary 2008 data.

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